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VkPhysicalDeviceProperties Structure specifying physical device properties Syntax
physicalDeviceProperties = new VkPhysicalDeviceProperties();
Stub read-only Properties VkPhysicalDeviceProperties.prototype.apiVersion Number is the version of Vulkan supported by the device, encoded as described in <>. VkPhysicalDeviceProperties.prototype.driverVersion Number is the vendor-specified version of the driver. VkPhysicalDeviceProperties.prototype.vendorID Number is a unique identifier for the _vendor_ (see below) of the physical device. VkPhysicalDeviceProperties.prototype.deviceID Number is a unique identifier for the physical device among devices available from the vendor. VkPhysicalDeviceProperties.prototype.deviceType VkPhysicalDeviceType is a VkPhysicalDeviceType specifying the type of device. VkPhysicalDeviceProperties.prototype.deviceName String is a string containing the name of the device. VkPhysicalDeviceProperties.prototype.pipelineCacheUUID Array[Number] VkPhysicalDeviceProperties.prototype.limits VkPhysicalDeviceLimits is the VkPhysicalDeviceLimits structure which specifies device-specific limits of the physical device. See <> for details. VkPhysicalDeviceProperties.prototype.sparseProperties VkPhysicalDeviceSparseProperties is the VkPhysicalDeviceSparseProperties structure which specifies various sparse related properties of the physical device. See <> for details. Default Properties VkPhysicalDeviceProperties.prototype.memoryBuffer ArrayBuffer Native memory reference of the structure. VkPhysicalDeviceProperties.memoryLayout Object Object describing this structure's memory layout. VkPhysicalDeviceProperties.byteLength Number Total native byte length of this structure.