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VkInstanceCreateInfo Structure specifying parameters of a newly created instance Syntax
instanceInfo = new VkInstanceCreateInfo();
instanceInfo = new VkInstanceCreateInfo(object);
Stub Parameters object When instantiated with an object, members can be filled directly. Properties VkInstanceCreateInfo.prototype.sType VkStructureType is the type of this structure. VkInstanceCreateInfo.prototype.pNext null is null or a reference to an extension-specific structure. VkInstanceCreateInfo.prototype.flags Number is reserved for future use. VkInstanceCreateInfo.prototype.pApplicationInfo VkApplicationInfo is null or a reference to an instance of VkApplicationInfo. If not null, this information helps implementations recognize behavior inherent to classes of applications. VkApplicationInfo is defined in detail below. VkInstanceCreateInfo.prototype.enabledLayerCount Number is the number of global layers to enable. VkInstanceCreateInfo.prototype.ppEnabledLayerNames Array[String] is an array of enabledLayerCount strings containing the names of layers to enable for the created instance. See the <> section for further details. VkInstanceCreateInfo.prototype.enabledExtensionCount Number is the number of global extensions to enable. VkInstanceCreateInfo.prototype.ppEnabledExtensionNames Array[String] is an array of enabledExtensionCount strings containing the names of extensions to enable. Default Properties VkInstanceCreateInfo.prototype.memoryBuffer ArrayBuffer Native memory reference of the structure. VkInstanceCreateInfo.memoryLayout Object Object describing this structure's memory layout. VkInstanceCreateInfo.byteLength Number Total native byte length of this structure.